Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skull Shack

Hi everybody...

Well, I had been working on this post for some time, and then it all got erased, for reasons I don't quite understand, so this is my second attempt.

So, right now I'm in Dajeeling, for the fourth time, sorting out permits to go to Sikkim, for the first time. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have made it to the town of Yuksam, if what little I know about the region is correct, was where the first Chogyal (ruler of Sikkim) was crowned, by the three founders of the Black Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

I must say, it feels pretty surreal not coming here as part of Dr. Barua, of the University of Delaware's India Study Abroad Program. It was here that I first saw a true Snow-capped Himalayan peak, back in 2009, the day after Obama's inauguration, to be exact...and having spent some much time in the Himalayas thereafter, it makes my first time coming here feel like a very long time ago indeed.